Studio space

The last year has been tough on everybody in the music industry, but even harder for McDonald's Farm. In January 2020, just a few days after appearing at the Cavern, Grant was taken ill. He suffered two strokes within a short space of time, leaving him unable to perform. The band carried on with stand-in musicians but in March, when Covid-19 hit and many artists and bands turned to on-line gigs to supplement their income, Grant was still unwell. This has meant over a year with no income from the band. With Grant now recovered and new drummer Justin Fitzgerald on board, they are ready to get back in to the studio but would welcome some financial support. They know times are tough for everyone, but if you could spare anything to help they would really appreciate it. 

February 2021

The building that McDonald's Farm have been renting was used for storing their equipment. However, once Covid19 hit, it also became their rehearsal space and this was where they recorded for virtual Beatleweek 2020.

This building has recently been sold and notice was given to vacate the premises, so last week they had to clear out their equipment. All that was left as they took the sign off the door was the 'green screen' paint on the wall and Liam's drum kit, which was collected the next day. Let's help them raise some money to get new premises, so that they can get ready for when live gigs are once again allowed.

As they left the building with the last of their equipment, the iconic MDF sign was the last thing to be taken down. Steve and Grant wanted you to join them to say goodbye, and will keep you updated as they find and move into new premises. Watch this space, help out if you can and enjoy the journey with us all!

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As soon as we get into the studio, we need to decorate and set up a 'green screen' so we can start filming. We will be posting updates, more paint than music to start with(!) but we have the equipment and are ready to go so join us on the next stage of our musical journey and let's get ready to rock!